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Just Blocks

Just Blocks Just Roads

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Just Blocks

Just Roads

Contains 24 pieces:

 2 Pedestrian crossings
 2 Parking lots
 14 Roads
 6 Roundabouts

A creative resource for creating road infrastructure.

There are flat elements in two different sizes to design and build road layout.

With JUST ROADS kids can experiment and plan:

  • the length of the roads
  • number of intersections
  • locations of roundabouts
  • parking points
  • pedestrian facilities and many more

All elements are single-side printed.

The pieces can be combined with favourite cars and figures to create imaginary dream city.

This unique material develops spatial imagination at every stage of play.

Material: Plywood
Cardboard packaging
Box size: 215x140x90 mm
Weight: 1,2kg
Dedicated for kids 2+
  • Age Group: preschool 3 to 6