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Little Nook x Anarkid

Posted on May 28 2018

We were recently featured on the Anarkid Blog.

Here's what we had to say x

Tell us the story behind Little Nook.
Little Nook started very organically.  The children's store that Mum and I shopped at in Mount Eliza came up for sale, and we thought, let's have a go at that!  I have a background in fashion buying and had always wanted a little store so it worked out perfectly.  Mum and I work really well together, and it's a lot of fun.  The store itself has been a children's store for nearly 50 years, so it has been wonderful to keep that heritage alive and Mount Eliza is such a great community and we have been welcomed as the new owners with open arms. 
What’s the best part of your job?
We really feel part of the community here, it is so great getting to meet all the mums and bubs, and watching them grow.  We've both made really great friends through the store.  We also love the creativity of working with children's goods - there is always a lot of colour, whimsy and fun.  Many of the suppliers we work with are run by mums/families and it's such a nice community to be part of.
I'm also very grateful for the flexibility of working so close to home gives me and the kids, I feel so lucky to have a balance between family and work life.
What trends are you seeing this Winter in the world of kids fashion?
We are seeing a lot of mustards and earthy colours coming through, a lot of unisex designs as well which is great.  Bold designs and fun prints.  
How does Anarkid add value to your store and what are your current top 3 picks from our EXPLORE collection?
We and our customers love that Anarkid is organic cotton, we are really seeing a push for customers wanting organic cotton and it's great to be able to offer this in fun, bold and colourful designs.  Anarkid is always original and has an edge to it, while still being comfortable and kid-like!  
The navy blue in the Anarkid range is always spot on too!  Our top three items would be the pocket baggy in the starry night and hedgehog print - super comfy and looks great on, the smock top in the bold pink and blue stripe is so gorgeous and can be dressed up or down and the 'we are star dust' long sleeve tee, the navy looks great on boys and girls.
Share something exciting coming up for Little Nook with our readers.
We are always looking to keep things fun and unique here at Little Nook, and we are currently working on a new store design!
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