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Little Nook Featured on The Kindred List

Posted on January 25 2017

A snippet from our recent feature with Ina at The Kindred List



We recently had the pleasure of meeting Nicole from the newly opened Little Nook Boutique in Mt Eliza and visiting the store (which is amazing!). We worked with them to create some beautiful images for their new website and online store and took some time out to chat to them about how it all started.

Nicole, you are the powerhouse behind the brand new boutique, Little Nook - where did it all start?

I have always dreamed of having my own store, and I love the Mount Eliza Village, so when the opportunity presented itself, mum and I jumped on board together! The store we are in has been a childrens store since 1968 and has a lovely heritage and is really loved by our local community.

I’ve had a long career in retail, working for amazing brands such as Gant, Big by Fiona Scanlan and Calvin Klein. The after the birth of my first son I went back to study design and interior styling, which I absolutely love and gave me a real burst of creativity.

You guys stock some incredible brands ... how did you curate the collection in store?

Thank you! We always look to brands which have amazing quality, and great design features, and that I think my kids would be happy to wear! We favour brands which show great creativity in print, design and colour. There are so many amazing creatives in Australia doing great things, and which understand the Australian vibe – we love having a great mix of Australian and International brands as well.

Having a background in interiors as well I knew exactly what I wanted for our home collection, we are mixing the quirky and cool with a great scandi aesthetic.

What inspired you?

My kids are definitely a great source of inspiration. Kids are so creative and free, and I think when you have kids you really get a great burst of creativity and joy from them. My eldest son loves to be involved and is quite happy to say what he ‘LOVES’ in store which is pretty cool.

The business also really started with the kids front of mind. I really enjoy working, but I love to be with my kids, this business allows a lovely work/life balance. Mum and I balance our time in the shop with time with the kids, and also my nephew and niece – it is a great time, and I am forever grateful that the community has really welcomed us, and I am able to enjoy this lifestyle.

What has been the biggest challenge in getting Little Nook of the ground?

It has been a lot of work getting a great balance for our customers, we want to be a full service store, so you can come in for some socks, a gift, a full outfit, a sleeping bag or even a cot! But we needed to get the balance in the store right which I believe we have done.

And, what is in store (pun intended) for Little Nook's future?
We have recently launched our online store which was a massive job!

For AW next year we are introducing some amazing new brands, which is really exciting for us.
The great thing about having your own business is you can forever mix things up, and we are always looking for ways to add to the customer experience in our store…. So stay tuned !

Finally, who is someone that inspires you? And can we follow them on Instagram?

There are so many people I admire, my mum is a huge inspiration to me, she balances her family life, with her social life and creative life so beautifully and still finds time for a lot of volunteer work.

I would encourage everyone to check out @thenappycollective who are doing a great job making use of something which we otherwise are at a loss of what to do with, and are helping so many in need.

Megan Morton is an inspiration, she manages a creative business and is always moving forward. I’ve been to some of her workshops and it’s always refreshing when someone who is nailing it is so happy to share their knowledge so generously @megan_morton.

Get in touch with Little Nook Boutique here:
Email: hello@littlenook.com.au
Insta: @littlenook_boutique
Web: https://www.littlenook.com.au

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