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Beautiful Girls Nursery Inspiration

Posted on February 05 2017

Beautiful Girls Nursery Inspiration

It would be fair to say that in recent times more and more attention has definitely turned to the decor of a child’s room/nursery.  This completely makes sense as we spend so much time in our children’s nursery, and then as they grow, it becomes a sanctuary for them, their own space to create/play/grow.

Decorating a child’s nursery is a lot of fun.  Though, with the range of options out there now, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  My suggestions to enjoying the process….

You do not need to have a ‘theme’ so to speak

Pick a few select colours to work with, make sure they are in the same tonal range

Add texture and cosiness to the room with floor rugs, throw rugs, cushions, natural fibres

Wall art can make the world of difference, it can really bring a room together, also, if you have a print that you love, use the colours to inspire the rest of the room décor.

In this room mood board below, I have used a pastel colour palette, with the gold metallic in the second print adds a bit of sparkle to the room, the natural fibres in the Olli Ella baskets add some texture to the room, and give a nice calming vibe.

Whether you are starting to decorate your child’s room or nursery, or just looking to update, come and visit us in store – we love helping you.

Nicole x

1 and 2 - Friday Andy Today Prints

3 - Olli Ella Reva Basket

4 - Fabelab Jade Cot Quilt Cover Set

5 - Grimms Natural Tunnel

6 - Fibreshack Cot Sheets Set

7 - Fabelab Owl Cuddle

8 - Olli Ella Basket

9 - Incy Interiors Teeny Cot

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